revit course in rawalpindi

best revit course in rawalpindi

revit course in Rawalpindi is specially designed for residents of rawalpindi islamabad from Rahman Rashid.

Experience of trainer is more than 15 years and complete practical knowledge of PMI based PMBok latest edition is provided in this course. By getting this training from Trainer Rahman , Job chances are increased as for fresh graduates CV and interview preparation is included on demand. addresses of construction companies offering jobs of  planning engineer are also provided  by Trainer Rahman

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The objective of the revit course in rawalpindi is to enable students to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. This class focuses on basic tools that the majority of users need to work with Revit Architecture.

Things you must understand first 

  • Unit of Measurement (FPS System, SI System, Conversion from 1 System to Other).
  • Coordinate System(2D & 3D), Quadrants, Angles, X, Y and Z Planes
  • Types of Drawings (Tender, IFC & Shop Drawings, Variation Drawings)
  • Types of Views (Plan, Elevation, Section, Cieling Plan, 3D View)
  • Components of Buildings and methodology of construction of Building
  • Understanding of Combination of above Elements
  • Revit Software Installation & Activation


  1. Introduction
  2. User Interface
  3. Things you must do first
  4. Colomn Grids and Levels
  5. Wall
  6. Doors & windows
  7. Floors
  8. Roofs
  9. Ceiling
  10. Stair Work
  11. Rooms
  12. Rendering
  13. Graphics
  14. Detailing
  15. Modifying Tools
  16. Printing , Exporting & Linking files

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revit course in rawalpindi

Trainer Rahman is best Trainer for Revit Course in Rawalpindi

Why Autodesk Revit?

  1. Latest Software
  2. Much Advanced than AutoCAD
  3. Can import CAD Files in Revit
  4. AutoCAD is drafting software for Precise 2D and 3D Drawings and getting old
  5. Revit is software for BIM (Building information Modeling)
  6. Construction documentation is easily produced on Revit
  7. Revit is best for designing a floor plan with interior walls, doors and windows
  8. Revit tracks all your materials and pricing while building the interior design

Why Revit is Used?

  1. Revit is that software which is used for design process of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry
  2. Revit is based on Parametric Design

Can Revit Render?

  1. 3D views Can be rendered on Revit
  2. You have to define settings on Revit
  3. You can export 3D image from Revit in Jpg or png form
  4. Then, you can import that image in Photoshop, 3d Max or any other 3D rendering Software

Quality of rendering in Revit?

  1. Rendering quality in Revit Course in Rawalpindi can be improved by use of integrated software like Vray
  2. Plug in of Next limit Maxwell Render can also be used for Revit.
  3. Images Rendering can also be improved through Photoshop or 3D max
  4. Revit Original Rendering takes a lot of time

Who can Attend this Revit course in Rawalpindi?

  1. Architecture Students
  2. Civil Engineering Students
  3. Professional Architects
  4. Professional Interior Designers
  5. DAE Civil
  6. AutoCAD Operators
  7. Others who want join Architecture and design industry

Why Trainer Rahman?

  1. Registered and Experienced Professional
  2. Good 11 + Years training Experience
  3. Flexible timings
  4. Fast Track
  5. Gives the basics first and then software working methodology is easy to understand
  6. Understand the learning capability of trainee and gets to level of trainee
  7. Don’t play with student and don’t waste time of student

Benefits of the Revit Course in Rawalpindi?

  1. Can Start own Business from Level II Course
  2. Easy to get internship with any architect or interior designer
  3. Can get an entry in Dubai, Gulf, Saudi Arabia as many companies are required BIM Operator, Revit technician or Revit operator