revit course in lahore

revit course in lahore

revit course in lahore deals with project design modeling both in 3D and 2D. Additional feature of Revit is development of schedule in addition to interior design. Revit has become multi dimensional software due to revisions in past years which is now superseding AutoCad in various contries like UK and Australia. You can view all view 3D , plan and Elevation and Section on one screen and if you want to change any wall or object or material in one view, it will be done in all in one go. Future is of Revit.

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Things you Must Know Before Starting Revit

  1. What is BIM
  2. Difference Between AutoCAD & Revit
  3. Revit Software Installation (Latest Version)
  4. Important Concepts You Must know Before Starting Revit
  • Unit of Measurement (FPS System, SI System, Conversion from 1 System to Other).
  • Coordinate System(2D & 3D), Quadrants, Angles, X, Y and Z Planes
  • Types of Drawings (Tender, IFC & Shop Drawings, Variation Drawings)
  • Types of Views (Plan, Elevation, Section, Cieling Plan, 3D View)
  • Components of Buildings and methodology of construction of Building
  • Understanding of Combination of above Elements
  • Revit Software Installation & Activation
Chapter 1 Chapter 5
1 The Launch Screen 45 Duplicating Views
2 The Ribbon Menu 46 Elevations
3 The Properties Palette 47 Sections
4 The Project Browser 48 Callouts
5 The Drawing Area 49 Drafting views
6 2D Navigation 50 Default 3D view
7 3D Navigation 51 Camera views
Chapter 2 52 Legend views
8 All about Parameters 53 Section Boxes
9 Instance and Type Parameters 54 Schedules
10 Model vs Detail Elements Chapter 6
11 Levels 55 View Range
12 Views and how they relate to Levels Chapter 7
13 Reference Planes 56 Dimensions
14 Drawing Aids 57 Text
15 Structural Grids 58 Detail Lines
16 Projects, Templates and Families 59 Symbols
Chapter 3 60 Detail Components
17 Walls 61 Repeating Details
18 Wall Openings 62 Filled Regions
19 Doors and Windows 63 Rooms
20 Curtain Walls 64 Tags
21 Floors Chapter 8
22 Creating Sloped Floors 65 Phases
23 Ceilings 66 Design Options
24 Adding Fixtures to Ceilings 67 Working with CAD files
25 Roof by Footprint 68 Placing views onto sheets
26 Roof by Extrusion 69 Printing
27 Stair by Component
28 Stair by Sketch
29 Railings
30 Ramps
31 Columns
32 Model Lines and Model Text
33 Components
Chapter 4
34 Selecting and filtering
35 Moving Elements
36 Copying Elements
37 Rotating Elements
38 Mirroring Elements
39 Aligning elements
40 Splitting elements
41 Trimming and extending elements
42 Offsetting elements
43 Pinning elements
44 Arrays

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revit course in lahore

Trainer Rahman is an experienced professional who understands the dynamics of everyday changing industry.

Are jobs available by using existing AutoCAD software?

Does the name AutoCAD ring some bells?  Oh. It’s boring now as everyone in Pakistan knows about AutoCAD. It’s a trend to do AutoCAD course but is it beneficial anymore? Anyone who is free he is doing this training but the job market is saturated and has over absorbed.

Neither this job pays well anymore as too much people are in the field and due to too many institutes, quality of training has also declined.

Why Revit course in Lahore?

AutoCAD is now old, Revit has arrived and it has changed the methodology of works. Its BIM simply called Building information modeling.

Who chose Revit course in Lahore on Revit Architecture?

The software has made it so much easy that most of the job market requires basic understanding of architecture and interior design and skills on software.

Now what you do in 2d, same changes are made in 3D and all views are available on one screen to understand better.

In addition, the working drawings are very easy to make on sheets and print. The rendering is also available. So many jobs can be done in one software. It’s the future

What to Expect?

  1. To the point training of revit course in Lahore
  2. Fast Track training
  3. Highly professional trainer
  4. Latest software Revit will be used
  5. At the end of this course, student will be able to enter any architectural office with confidence

Top 5 Training Benefits:

  1. Basic Concepts of architecture which are very important but some understands how they are important before starting a software
  2. Revit architecture software is future which is yet known by very less in Pakistan
  3. Advantage over Auto CAD
  4. Students from abroad can get a job easily in UK, Europe and Australia
  5. Till this software is everywhere people getting the skills now will be experienced

Teaching methodology 

The understanding of basic facts is delivered in a so simple way by general living examples of everyday life by Trainer Rahman that once the basics are understood, rest is just simple as it shall be understood that our current methodology of teaching a group of students is so much outdated and old that all the students doesn’t get proper attention.

The timings are very flexible and as per student requirements.

Can student start own business after completing revit course in Lahore?


And the immediate question comes to mind is why?

The simple answer is that we dream wrong which ends in expecting wrong. We just think that after 1 month of course we can do all the things on our own. Even the most intelligent person needs initial training and to take the skills in the sequence required in practical field. In second phase practice and practice and practice. That’s the law… Work hard and practice. This will give skills and competency.

These efforts are starting your career. To be the best, there is much more for which level 2 course is required.

Get Trained by the professional in the field and get to the right path of success

revit course in lahore
revit course in lahore