primavera p6 training courses in lahore pakistan

primavera p6 training courses in lahore pakistan

This primavera p6 training courses in lahore pakistan is specially designed for residents of Lahore.

Who Can Attend

Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Industry, DAEs and others


  1. Things you Must Know First before Starting Primavera P6.0 (Latest Version)
  • How Construction Industry Works
  • Tendering & Bidding Procedure
  • Tender Documents (BOQ, Tender Drawings, Contract Documents, Contract Specs)
  • IFC Drawings
  • How to Extract Activities from BOQ and IFC Drawings for Project Plan
  • Comparison of BOQ and Actual Quantities
  • Introduction to Budget
  1. Primavera P6.0 Latest Version Installation
  2. Why Use Primavera for Project Management & User Interface
  3. Create EPS, Create New Project, Add Activities
  4. Define WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), Grouping and Sorting
  5. Define Relationships: Forward and Back Ward pass Method, Predecessor and Successor
  6. Defining Calendars
  7. Understanding CPM (Critical Path Method), Float and Free Float
  8. Resources: Creating Resource dictionary, defining OBS and Roles, Resource Calendars
  9. Assigning Resources to Activities
  10. User Defined Fields
  11. Scheduling of Project in Planning phase
  12. Baselines: Creating and Assigning Baselines
  13. Columns, Bars, Bar Chart options, Time Scale, Progress Spot Light
  14. Top and Bottom layout Options, Table Font and Rows
  15. Defining Currencies,
  16. Admin Preferences, Admin Categories, User Preferences
  17. Use of Filter Command
  18. Difference between Gantt Chart and Pert
  19. Tracking of Project & Updating Progress
  20. EVM (Earned Value Management) or EVA (Earned Value Analysis)
  21. S- Curve
  22. Printing, Export and Import

Importance of primavera p6 training courses in lahore pakistan.

It is always better to plan before you execute anything. No matter there are delays but to control these delays planning is required. PMI has developed special course named PMP (Project management professional) which covering 10 knowledge areas.

PMP is only theoretical. Practical implemantion of PMP is developed by Oracle with name of Primavera. Rahman Rashid is a professional Civil Engineer registered with Pakistan Engineering Council and has got a 16 years of Project management experience. He has developed great skills of primavera and know exactly what type of industry need what kind of planning.

Main objective of Primavera used in planning well before execution is to deliver the project within given time frame and with in budget.

Every investor whether he/she is contractor or in any field wants to know exactly at what time investment is done for what work. For this primavera p6 training courses in lahore pakistan is offered.

Want to get a job in planning department, then get trained from a certified professional

For residents of Islamabad Rawalpindi click on primavera p6 training in islamabad