architecture short courses in lahore

architecture short courses in lahore

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Things you Must Know Before Starting Revit
  1. What is BIM
  2. Difference Between AutoCAD & Revit
  3. Revit Software Installation (Latest Version)
  4. Important Concepts 
  • Isometric Views
  • Unit of Measurement (FPS System, SI System, Conversion from 1 System to Other).
  • Coordinate System(2D & 3D), Quadrants, Angles, X, Y and Z Planes
  • Types of Drawings (Tender, IFC & Shop Drawings, Variation Drawings)
  • Types of Views (Plan, Elevation, Section, Cieling Plan, 3D View)
  • Components of Buildings and methodology of construction of Building
  • Understanding of Combination of above Elements
  • Revit Software Installation & Activation
1 Introduction 10  Stair Work
2 User Interface 11  Rooms
3 Things you must do first 12  Rendering
4 Colomn Grids 13  Graphics
5 Wall 14  Detailing
6 Doors & windows 15  Modifying Tools
7 Floors 16  Printing , Exporting & Linking files
8  Roofs
9 Ceiling

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This is level 1 Course for architecture short course in Lahore where understanding of  all components of revit course contents will be studied in detail.

The main purpose of architecture short course in Lahore is to help trainee understand different scenerios in which different commands of revit come together and design a product for you. This course will help participants to shift from Autocad to Revit. Why .. because future is of Revit.

revit software training courses classes in lahore rawalpindi islamabad
architecture short courses in Lahore
architecture short courses in Lahore

Why architecture short courses in Lahore?

Lahore is only city in Pakistan where there are world renowned architects and is hosting a rich heritage.

Architecture in this City is so much diverse that it spans from Mughal Era to British Period and from British Period to Pakistan. When Students of architecture travel across the city, they see a multidimensional and multicultural architecture of over 500 years.

The current education system of Pakistan doesn’t allow the students to understand what is actually going on in actual field.

Secondly, software and IT technology has totally taken over methodology of works.

Therefore, it is very important to understand at very early stage of student life and to be aware of the skills required in the current market.

Benefits of getting trained by Trainer Rahman in Lahore?

  1. Fast Track Training. To the point
  2. The training schedule is flexible
  3. He is a professional with 15 plus years of field experience so you will learn what is required in field
  4. Before starting Revit, basic concepts are developed for isometric view and coordinate system
  5. Combination of different commands for different scenarios
  6. Short keys to work on fast track

Why select architecture as a career?

  1. Immediately you can apply for internships
  2. You can find office-based station job in Lahore
  3. Best Architects are in Lahore which can give you practical experience.
  4. Can Start your own business with some post training practical training
  5. You can start part time work.

Drawings which can be made in one go in Revit Architecture?

  1. Construction Drawings
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Submission Drawings
  4. Electrical Drawings
  5. Plumbing Drawings

Who should choose architecture short courses in Lahore on Revit Architecture?

  1. Existing architects as in future architecture works will be on Revit worldwide
  2. Students of Architecture
  3. Students of civil Engineering
  4. AutoCAD Operators in Architectural or Construction Industry

Revit history

  1. The original software was developed by Charles River Software, founded in 1997, renamed Revit Technology Corporation in 2000, and acquired by Autodesk in 2002.
  2. Since Revit 2013, Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP were available as different products
  3. After 2013, All packages are merged
  4. The families, templates and content are developed. Which makes It easy to put the material.

Rendering in Autodesk Revit

  1. You can manage clouds and Sun directions in Revit
  2. Rendering on best image takes some time
  3. Photographical quality of rendering can be enhanced by using plugins like Vray or Maxwell

Import and Export from Revit Architecture

  1. You import files from AutoCAD and export to DWG format
  2. With 3D max it can also be linked

Why choose architecture short courses in Lahore through Revit?

It is strongly recommended to stop wasting time on 1 year or two-year diploma even after 5 years of Architecture because 5% of the book knowledge is related to practical life. Revit practically builds 10 times faster than any other software.

Simply Speaking making Buildings designs for architects is made so much easy that a lot of time is saved.

architecture short courses in lahore